Can I change the speed of the audio?

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Changing the playback speed

On Legentibus most books come in two versions: (1) audiobooks and (2) Read Alongs. For our audiobooks, you can speed up the audio, but not for the Read Alongs.

On the audiobook player, below the play button, you will see a small grey button saying 1.0x. Tap on it, and you will get a list of choices with different speeds. Choose the speed and get back to listening.

Playback speed study tip

Use the read alongs, to familiarize yourself with the Latin text, understand it, practice, and then continue with revising using Latin audiobooks.

This is how you can use audiobooks to improve learning:

  • After you've studied and understood the text using a read-along, you can start using the audio-only version to review and improve your listening comprehension. Change the playback speed of the audio (0.5- 2.0X) to make it easier or to challenge yourself.
  • Use the audiobooks following your existing habit or as additional help. You can use them while you walk, cook, relax... and in all situations when you can't read, but you can and want to be immersed in Latin.
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