Switch between Android and iOS

This article will explain what to do if you have a Legentibus subscription for Android through Google Play and want to switch to an iPhone or iPad from Apple.

I have a subscription on my Android; can I use it on my iPhone as well?

A subscription bought through the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore is only valid on the platform it was bought. So, if you've bought a subscription on the Google Playstore, it is only valid on android devices using the same Google account. Conversely, a subscription bought through the Apple Appstore will only be valid on iOS devices on the same Apple ID. This is because, in these instances, it is Google and Apple, respectively, that handle the subscriptions and payment.

Legentibus and moving from one platform to another

To move from e.g. an iPhone to a Samsung or other Android platform, you will have to first cancel your Legentibus subscription on the platform you are moving from and start a new subscription on the platform you are moving to.

Using Legentibus on both Android and iOS simultaneously

There is the option to buy a Legentibus subscription directly from us, which will allow the subscription to be used on both iOS and Android devices. To do this, visit legentibus.app/subscribe.

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