How to view student progress details in Legentibus for Educators

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Legentibus for Educators allows you monitor the progress of each of your students, to see how they are doing, and help early on. This guide shows you how to view this information.

  1. Login to Legentibus for Educators
  2. Click on CLASSES in the menu to the left.
  3. You can here see all students in this class. This page gives an overview over the progress in the current class:
    1. Total input: the total time spent reading and listening texts on Legentibus. This also includes the time added manually.
    2. Active study time: this is the time spent actively reading and interacting with books in Legentibus. This does not include listneing in the background.
    3. (3) Current assingment: This column shows the completion percentage of the current assingment, e.g. as students tap on MARK AS READ, at the bottom of a page, the comletion percentage of the assignment will go up. If the box is yellow with 100%, this means the assignment was completed in less time than expected, e.g. a student ā€œreadā€ an assignment in 5 minutes even though the audio recording might be 25 min. To view more details for a particular student, click on the student name.
  4. To see how a particular student has performed on all assignments, click on the student's name.
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