Is Familia Romana on Legentibus?

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Familia Romana Audiobook + Synchronized

With Legentibus you can read and listen to the best textbook ever written for learning Latin: Familia Romana. The text is synchronized with a a professional recording of the entire text. As you hear the text, you will see the text light up in purple so you know exactly where you are.

Get started

  1. Download Legentibus for your smartphone or tablet on Appstore or Google Playstore.
  2. Create an account, and pick a plan.
  3. Download Familia Romana
  4. Press play and follow along as the book reads itself to you. 

Why read Familia Romana on Legentibus?

Reading Familia Romana and other books on Legentibus is completely different:

  • Get started quickly: No time wasted getting downloaded files into a playlist on your phone
  • Retention: The text synchronized with audio allows you to better remember what you read
  • Pronunciation: Easily improve and practice your pronunciation and learn the classical restored pronunciation with short and long vowels.
  • Glossary: If you really want to see a translation of a word, tap the 💡in the lower right-hand corner.

Tip: Tap to jump

When the audio is playing, tap anywhere on the text and the audio and highlight will jump there. This way you can instantly go back and repeat something that you didn't quite get.

Licensed to Latinitium and Legentibus

We have licensed the rights to record and use Familia Romana.

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