Do you have a reading plan for Latin beginners?


The reading plan in Legentibus helps you understand the content in the app, how to use it, and how to progress in your Latin studies. 

We regularly update the app with new content for all levels. 

Not all beginners are the same. Using the reading plan, you'll easily understand what type of content is available and appropriate for you or your student.

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How to find the reading plan in Legentibus?

Find the START HERE card on the home page of the app. It is a sequence of three cards you can slide between:

This guide through Legentibus will help you plan your learning activities.

To open the reading plan, you can do two things:

Slide and go to the READING PLAN card

Use all slides, read the content under each one, and naturally progress to the READING PLAN.

How to use the Legentibus reading plan?

You may be a teacher, a school or university student, or an autodidact.

You may have already started learning Latin and followed different methods. In each case, you can use the plan to fit your needs.

Legentibus provides textbooks you can use, or already use, such as Familia Romana, original Latin stories, readers, and more.

As a beginner, you can:

  • Use a textbook or reader of your choice available in the app, and supplement it with our stories
  • Use material provided in your classroom and supplement it with our stories
  • Use our stories compelling stories, starting with the easiest build reading fluency immediately.

How to use Legentibus beginner stories?

Legentibus stories for Latin beginners ( Legentibus Originals) belong to different categories, mainly based on the level of difficulty. 

Originals are different from the usual beginner stories, because of the additional resources only a digital device can provide. 

Your reading plan will follow not only level-appropriate content but also level-appropriate resources.

Stories are grouped into the following categories:

  • Beginner Stories in Latin
  • Stories in Easy Latin
  • Fabulae Latinae

Subjects, genres, and resources vary, to help you learn Latin in context. 

Additional guidance

Additional guidance is available with each story/book.

When you open a Beginner Story in Easy Latin, tap on 💡to view all the additional material available for that story:

For instance, to learn about the the history and source material of the text, open the "About the story" section:

Taping on 💡will always open additional resources in each Legentibus book.

Can advanced learners follow the beginner reading plan?

The beginner plan in Legentibus follows the content and the additional resources available, which makes it interesting and useful for all levels.

We believe there's always room for improvement, therefore we carefully chose and prepare additional reading and learning material for the app. 

The language used in original stories is always Latin attested in literature with high-frequency vocabulary that prepares students for reading original Latin of all periods. 

Thus, even advanced learners can use it, revise their knowledge, discover a new fact or part of the vocabulary and benefit from it.

The reading plan leads you toward advanced-level reading recommendations. Advanced learners can also use it to discover more content in the app.

I still need help with my Latin learning and reading plan

Visit our website for more learning tips and advice or write to us, we're happy to help!



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