Is there a discounted rate for teachers?

Many teachers are using Legentibus in school to promote extensive reading of Latin in class and at home. 

The feeling of understanding a story or text while listening or reading keeps the student motivated. To accommodate all students, there are stories, novellas, texts, and books in the app suitable for different levels, from beginner to advanced.  

Schools and universities are eligible for discounted class subscriptions. Teachers receive a free subscription with their class subscription. For more information write to with the following details:

  • Name and location of your school
  • Number of students
  • Level and year
The subscription also includes new books, i.e. all books that will be published throughout the year will automatically be included in the subscription, providing new material you can work with continually.

If you are not familiar with Legentibus yet, you can download the application on the App store or Google Play and take a look at no cost. There is a "free books" category with books open for everyone, so you can try out Legentibus.

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