What is Legentibus?

Legentibus is a language learning app, and a carefully curated library of Latin books with synchronized audio and in-book dictionaries.

Legentibus is a Latin learning tool for students and teachers of Latin at all levels, including autodidacts. It is based on the idea of extensive reading and listening of compelling texts at your level.

Latin audiobooks and e-books with synced text

  • beginner stories
  • Latin novellas
  • easy stories
  • Latin readers (e.g. Fabulae Faciles, Epitome Historiae Sacrae)
  • Familia Romana

Legentibus can be your Latin audio or reading library, a tool for learning Latin, a tool for perfecting listening and pronunciation skills, and your source of knowledge about myth, history, language and literature.

Depending on the level you're at or wish to attain, you may find different additional resources inside a read-along, such as:

  • interlinear or English translations
  • glossaries with English definitions, or Latin in Latin explanations
  • grammatical notes
  • commentaries
  • more

Learning Latin is about reading and listening.💥

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