Are there English translations?

Many of our Read-Along books (Latin text synchronized with Latin audio) have an English translation available with just a tap. On Legentibus there are three main types of Latin books:

  1. Beginner Stories in Latin
  2. Latin textbooks (e.g. Familia Romana)
  3. Literary works (e.g. Cicero's speeches)

Once you’ve opened the book, you will find a small button in the lower right corner saying “EN”. Tap on it and the Latin text will flip to the English translation. Push it again and it will take you right back to the Latin text. If the EN is grey, that means there is currently no translation available.

Beginner Stories in Latin

Our own series Beginner Stories in Latin comes with interlinear translation. This means there is a translation underneath every single word. This is very useful at the very beginning when you don't know that many words, but would still like to read interesting and fun stories, instead of boring texts. You can toggle the interlinear translation by tapping on EN.

Latin textbooks

The Latin textbooks available on Legentibus, such as Familia Romana do not come with a translation. For Familia Romana this is by design, as the author, Hans Ørberg wrote it to conform with the Nature Method where only the target language is to be used.

You can read more about the reasons and what to do instead of translating Familia Romana here.

Literary works

Most of the literary works on Legentibus, e.g. Cicero's Orationes in Catilinam, Tacitus’ Agricola, and Seneca's Epistulae ad Lucilium all have English translations. Note that the translations used are often quite old, which is reflected in the style.

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