How to create a list of students for uploading

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For your students to access your school's Legentibus plan, you have to add them to a class in Legentibus for Educators. To do this, you can either upload a list with their names and email addresses or add each student by hand. This guide will show you how to create a list correctly.

This guide uses Google Sheets to edit spreadsheets, but you can use any application that can export to Excel or CSV format, such as Numbers or LibreOffice.

  1. Fill in the student for the class in a spreadsheet. One column for the email address and one column for the name:

  1. Download a copy of the spreadsheet in Excel format to your hard drive:

  1. Save the file in a convenient place. Here, we save it to the Downloads folder:

  1. Now, go to, create a class, and upload the file you just created. See this guide for a detailed explanation.
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